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Waterproofing Chemical

Waterproofing Chemical

We have emerged as one of the leading traders and suppliers of superior quality Waterproofing Chemical. Apart from this, we assure clients that the offered chemical is formulated using high quality ingredients by employing hi-end tools at our vendors' well-developed processing unit.

Item Code:elastall-1000
Product description:

Elastall 1000 is a black, single-component, moisture-cured bitumen-modified polyurethane elastomer. When properly applied, elastall 1000 becomes impervious to moisture, either above or below grade. It can be used over concrete, stone, brick, cement block, metal and wood.

Basic uses:

Elastall 1000 is designed for use as a below-grade waterproofing membrane on both horizontal and vertical applications. As a between-slab waterproofing membrane, elastall 1000 protects concrete parking decks, roof decks nd courtyards. It can be used under terrazzo or tile floors and shower pans, as well as for waterproofing inside planter boxes or under landscaped roof decking.

Typical properties:

  • Volume solids: 80% (+2) [astm d2697]
  • Tensile strength: 400 psi (+25) [astm d412]
  • Elongation: 700% (+100) [astm d412]
  • Hardness: 30 shore type a [astm d2240]
  • Peel adhesion: 9 ph i over concrete [astm d903]
  • Water absorption: 2% @ 7 days [as tm d5701
  • Low-temperature fleiibility: passes 1/8" mandrel bend @ -29°f (-34°c) [astm d1737]
  • Moisture vapor transmission: 1. 6 grains/hr. /sq. Ft.
  • Cure time to recoat: 24 hours * all tests perfolined in accordance with general requirements of astm c836.

  • Surface preparation:

    surfaces must be sound and free of dirt, dust, oil, grease and other contaminants that could interfere with the adhesion of the elastall 1000 membrane. Concrete should have a minimum cure of 28 days. If curing compounds are used, they must be acceptable for subsequent coating application, or be removed. Consult with united technical service department do not apply elastall 1000 over concrete surfaces having greater than 15% moisture content.

    Control joints and cracks larger than 1/16" in width should be sealed with a high quality urethane caulk prior to application offenstall 1000.

    All intersections of the membrane with vertical walls, columns, pipes and other penetrations should be caulked with a 3/4" (1. 9 cm) concave bead of urethane sealant, and reinforced by embedding polyester fabric into a tack-coat offenstall 1000.

    Coating application:

    Application in two separate coats is recommended, allowing 24 hours dry time in between. Each coat should be applied in alternate directions to cover the surface with a continuous, pinhole-free membrane. Two coats applied at the rate of 40 sq. Ft. Per gallon (1. 0 1/m2) per coat will achieve a 64 dry mil (1,626 micron) film thickness. If required, this film thickness can be achieved in one application without the danger of out-gassing, at an application rate of 20 sq. Ft. Per gallon (2. 0 1/m2). If using elastall 1000 as a waterproof membrane underneath tile, broadcast 30 mesh sand into the final coat to increase the bond.

    Protection board must be used prior to back filling or pouring concrete. Elastall 1000 must be protected from ultraviolet light degradation.

    Packaging & mixing:

    Elastall 1000 is a single-package moisture-cure product, packaged in 1-gallon (3. 8 liter) and 5-gallon (19 liter) pails, and also in 55-gallon (209 liter) drums. Elastall 1000 is a ready-to-use material generally requiring no special mixing.

    If containers have sat for an extended period of time prior to use, power mixing with a jiffy-type mixer may be necessary. Use an explosion-proof mixer that has been grounded and bonded.